BBG Debuts New Open Source Digital Storytelling Tool

The Broadcasting Board of Governors launched KettleCorn today, a new digital tool that will allow journalists to enhance, remix and share interactive web videos by combining audio and video with live web content.

KettleCorn is built on the open source popcorn.js framework, adapting the previously existing Mozilla Popcorn Maker for journalists’ needs. Leveraging open source technologies allows the BBG a cost-effective way to adapt existing technology by building in core features crucial to journalists working in a multilingual, fast-paced environment.

“KettleCorn is a storytelling tool designed specifically for journalists, even those without a technical background” said Rob Bole, BBG’s Director of Innovation. “By using this tool with the enhancements we tailored for our industry, our journalists are able to create something in 20 minutes which would previously have taken several hours.”

By adding advanced editing features, machine translation, and the ability to easily add lower thirds and end cards, the BBG’s Office of Digital & Design Innovation has made KettleCorn an easy tool with which journalists within the BBG network can tell rich interactive audio- and video-based stories in a deadline-driven newsroom environment.

The BBG is officially unveiling KettleCorn at Mozilla Festival in London October 25-27, with the goal of building an international community of users, creators and developers that want to help support and extend the project. Anybody can use the tool today at