Alhurra Covers Egyptian Security Forces Removal of Pro-Morsi Demonstrators

Alhurra Reporter EgyptAlhurra TV correspondents reported live from the streets of Cairo and Alexandria on the events that left more than 600 dead and thousands injured in Egypt this week.

This comprehensive coverage of the actions of security forces against pro-Morsi demonstrators included interviews with experts and analysts who represent different parties in the conflict that has dominated headlines around the world.

Alhurra also provided simultaneous interpretation of statements by President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry on the crisis in which they deplored the violence and bloodshed and offered condolences to the families of those who were killed.  In addition, broadcasts covered live statements from Egypt of Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi and Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim.

On Wednesday evening, August 14, Alhurra’s talk programs Special Report and Free Hour focused exclusively on the Egyptian crisis, providing in-depth analysis of events and discussing the implications for Egypt’s future.  These programs hosted Egyptians representing a wide spectrum of political parties, including the Freedom and Justice Party, journalists, humEgyptan rights activists and political commentators.

Alhurra’s daily magazine program Al Youm, in addition to covering the political ramifications of the events, reported on the human dimensions of the crisis. One report showed the impact that recent events have had on the average Egyptian family struggling with their daily needs and their concerns for the future – the closing of banks, trains, schools and grocery stores.  Another focused on a Coptic church to illustrate the Christian community’s reaction to the violence.  Al Youm also interviewed a number of Egyptian-American in the Washington, DC area to get their reactions and concerns about the future. Al Youm also tapped into social media to cover what young people in Egypt and the region are thinking about the crisis.