Alhurra reporter broadcasting from streets with demonstrations

MBN Providing Needed Comprehensive Coverage in Egypt

Alhurra reporter broadcasting from streets with demonstrationsMBN is providing balanced and comprehensive coverage of the sweeping political changes taking place in Egypt. In addition to regularly scheduled newscasts, Alhurra and Radio Sawa are broadcasting breaking news updates, providing extended current affairs programs and engaging its audience with thorough analysis and thought-provoking questions.

As millions of protestors took to the streets, Alhurra’s cameras were there every step of the way interviewing people from different camps about their desired outcomes for the future of Egypt. The network’s coverage also touched on Egyptian bystanders – those who are just trying to live their lives and continue working to support their families during the turmoil.

Alhurra’s flagship talk show Free Hour expanded to two hours on key days and discussed topics such as U.S. foreign policy towards Egypt and the military’s removal of Morsi. It addressed the challenges facing Egypt and the debate over whether military intervention is good for democracy. Alhurra’s weekly talk show from Cairo, Hiwar Cairo, which brings together members of various Egyptian political parties, pundits and leading journalists, has extended programming periodically as news breaks.

From the U.S., Alhurra reports have included translated excerpts of President Obama and Secretary Kerry’s comments, as well as the State Department briefings on Egypt. Alhurra provided live coverage of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing on Egypt, as well as reaction from the Egyptian-American community in Washington, D.C. Likewise, Radio Sawa has broadcast extended coverage of developments along with exclusive interviews with American experts on the role of the U.S. in Egypt.

Online and on Social Media, MBN is updating readers on the latest developments through reports by Alhurra and Radio Sawa correspondents and incorporating reaction from Egyptians on Social Media platforms (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.).