Shimon Peres speaks with Alhurra TV

Alhurra Interviews Israeli President Shimon Peres

In a wide-ranging interview with Alhurra correspondent Yehia Kassem, Israeli President Shimon Peres talked about the peace process and regional issues. He discussed support for the peace process in Israel’s legislative body stating, “in the Knesset, there is a majority that supports peace, and it is possible to build another coalition for peace.  Israel is part of this world.  Palestinians are part of this world, too.  And the world does not need war and conflict.”

During the 20-minute interview, Peres also turned his attention to international affairs, including the conflict raging in Syria. “The problem in Syria,” he said, “is that there are no substitutes to govern” in the place of the present regime.  He added, “the United Nations would have had to ask the Arab League to intervene in Syria similar to the Africans’ intervention in Mali to stop the bloodshed and establish a transitional government.”  Peres also blamed Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah for sending its soldiers to Syria without the permission of the Lebanese government, “violating international laws and committing actions in Syria which constitute war crimes.”