BBG Holds Digital Innovation Expo


Paper USBs, translation tools, and mobile crisis intervention projects are just a few of the innovations on display at today’s “Innovating at the Speed of News” event in Washington, D.C.  Representatives from BBG’s Offices of Digital Design and Innovation and Technology, Services and Innovation, as well as Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, Middle East Broadcasting Networks and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, were available to provide hands-on demonstrations of some of their latest innovations.

“Today we are reaching and engaging audiences like never before,” said Director of International Broadcasting Bureau Dick Lobo. “And it’s thanks to the hard work and creativity of the great minds in this room.”

There were demonstrations on the use of social media, mobile phones and innovative tools for exchanging content with audiences along with tools for getting information into press-restrictive societies such as Cuba, Syria and China. The capacity crowd included scholars, congressional staff and members of the public diplomacy community.

The event showcased initiatives across the BBG that serve the larger purpose of providing balanced news and information to audiences who often lack it and the essential  role of U.S. international media as a model of free press.

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