Tolerance Through Entertainment: Alhurra Highllights USAID Gaza Project

Smiling children watch puppet show

Two Muppets, Haneen and Karim, made a guest appearance at a local school in Gaza this week, and Alhurra’s Al Youm was there to cover the live show. The event, sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the America-Mideast Educational and Training Services (AMIDEAST) promotes peaceful resolution of conflict and tolerance through theatrical performances for children in Gaza.

As correspondent Wissam Yasim reported, the show starred characters from “Shara’a Simsim,” the Palestinian version of “Sesame Street.”  The live show was performed for audiences of school children in Gaza and was well received by both the students and their teachers. The show focused on subjects that many Gaza residents deal with on a daily basis, such as a lack of access to utilities and other necessities.  These performances are also meant to raise the spirits of the Gaza children and provide them a renewed perspective after their experience of war and conflict.