BBG Welcomes Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Robert Zaal, head of Radio Netherlands Worldwide, briefs the BBG on recent changes at RNW

Robert Zaal, director of Radio Nederlands Worldwide (RNW), briefed BBG management on the Dutch broadcaster’s recent restructuring and discussed possible avenues for collaboration with the BBG and its broadcasters.  Zaal described RNW’s new focus on younger audiences, online platforms and thematic content centered on human rights, democracy and good governance, sexual rights, and international justice as core issues.  Cilia Krus, head of research at RNW, described the development of highly participatory formats and collaboration with local partners to engage audiences on issues of concern to them.

RNW suggested increased collaboration with the BBG, including sharing content and innovation and joint media training exercises.  Zaal stated, “It’s been the experience of RNW that the BBG is open to collaboration and we welcome that.”

Bruce Sherman, the BBG’s Director of Strategy and Development, agreed, stating, “The thrust of our mission is to support the development of free media, a focus very similar to RNW’s.”