Alhurra and Radio Sawa Provide Extensive Coverage of President Obama’s Trip to the Middle East

As President Obama travels in the Middle East, Alhurra’s White House Correspondent Hisham Bourar, who is traveling with the President, is providing live updates from Jerusalem, Ramallah and Amman. Bourar is also report on the trip for Radio Sawa.

Alhurra and Radio Sawa are translating of all speeches and public remarks made during the visit, and is live blogging the remarks as well. Alhurra’s news and discussion programs will dive deep into the topics President Obama will address and get reaction from people on the Israeli streets.

Alhurra’s flagship program Al Youm is focusing on the expectations for the visit and how it could impact the peace process. Interviews with students from the West Bank and Tel Aviv, as well as a leading rabbi and imam in Jerusalem will be included to get various perspectives on the peace process and their expectations for President Obama’s visit. Al Youm is also examining life in Gaza, Golan Heights and Sderot and what it is like living areas that are most at risk when there are clashes.

Radio Sawa’s team of correspondents provides reaction to President Obama’s trip from Ramallah, Jerusalem, Gaza and Amman. The radio network’s daily Magazine program will offer in-depth analysis of each day of the visit.  Additionally, Radio Sawa featured a rap song produced by Hebron youth welcoming President Obama to the region.  Free Zone, Radio Sawa’s weekly signature program on freedom and democracy issues in the Middle East, will recap the visit on March 22nd.