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Alhurra reporter Bashar Fahmi has been missing since August 20, 2012.

No Word on Alhurra Correspondent Bashar Fahmi: 150 Days After Disappearance

Bashar Fahmi
Bashar Fahmi

Alhurra Correspondent Bashar Fahmi remains missing and incommunicado 150 days after disappearing in Aleppo, Syria.  Fahmi was on a reporting trip there on Aug. 20, 2012 when he was caught in the crossfire that led to the murder of one journalist and capture of another.  Few clues have emerged concerning his whereabouts and wellbeing.

“Bashar is a courageous and dedicated journalist who was only in Aleppo to report the news,” said Michael Meehan, a member of the BBG Board and Chairman of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc. “The past five months have been heart-wrenching for his family; as well as his colleagues at Alhurra and all of us at the BBG. We call for anyone who has information regarding Bashar to come forward.”

The Alhurra correspondent was traveling with his cameraman Cuneyt Unal in Syria on Aug. 20th when a firefight erupted. Unal was captured and released 90 days later. Japan Press’ Mika Yamamoto was killed during the deadly gun battle.

In addition to Fahmi, American freelancer journalists Austin Tice and James Foley are also missing in Syria.

Freedom House’s 2012 Freedom of the Press findings describe the lack of press freedom in Syria explaining that journalists are “targeted and subjected to violent attacks, leading to a steep decline in what was already a highly repressive media environment.”