Chief Technology Officer of the US visits the BBG

Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer of the United States, visited the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) on Oct. 19 to discuss innovation and the ways in which government can best use technology to serve the public.

In his role as the CTO, Park helps modernize the federal government to better use technology to address national challenges and strategic goals. Park described his office as “an incubator, which spawns projects that get results in short time-frames and help the federal government better use data and technology to advance national priorities.”

Meeting with Richard M. Lobo, Director of the International Broadcasting Bureau, and representatives from Voice of America, Radio Free Asia and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Park spoke about the necessity for innovation and sharing across offices, departments, and agencies.

“Government is invested in driving change in a very entrepreneurial way,” Park said, referring to the rise in technological innovation in the federal government, adding that “it is currently a very exciting place to be.”

Park also spoke with the BBG about mobile payment initiatives that help promote civil society in developing countries and best practices in research data management within organizations.

Earlier in the day, Park met with the BBG’s Office of Digital & Design Innovation and Co-Directors of Innovation Rob Bole and Raina Kumra. ODDI works to leverage technology in storytelling, news delivery, entertainment and international social discourse and crisis response across the BBG.