Taking the Oath at BBG

When new employees join the BBG team, the onboarding process now includes a modest swearing-in ceremony with our executive leadership including International Broadcasting Bureau Director Richard Lobo and VOA Director David Ensor.

“These ceremonies give new employees a chance to meet the management team and talk about our important mission.  It is a welcome opportunity to get to know these new employees who come from wonderfully diverse backgrounds and bring impressive qualifications to our work. This is one of many initiatives we have put in place to improve communication between senior management and staff,” Lobo said.

During  a recent ceremony, Lobo swears in new employees, left to right, Yalonda Robinson, administrative assistant (student trainee) VOA Operations Support; Maxim A. Kniazkov, international broadcaster (online, Russian) Eurasia Division, Russian Service; and Jessica Koster, human resources clerk, Office of Human Resources.