ViewPoint: Dick Lobo on International Media

International Broadcasting Bureau Director Dick Lobo has launched a blog called “ViewPoint” to share some opinions and ideas about international media.

With an extensive background in both private sector broadcast journalism and as a public television executive, Lobo offers a unique perspective on the evolving world of international media and the operations of the Broadcasting Board of Governors.  With the start of ViewPoint, he adds blogger to his list of credits.

“My hope is that ViewPoint will shed light on the vast number of issues confronting the BBG and international media at this exciting and challenging time. I’d like readers to learn about the innovative and sometimes heroic work our people are doing around the world and reforms we are undertaking to fulfill the agency’s noble mission,” Lobo said.

The blog, located at, launches at a time when the BBG is seeking to meet the critical information needs of new and different audiences around the world while at the same time wrestling with funding reductions.

ViewPoint will share an insider’s view of 21st-Century challenges for the BBG’s global news gathering operation within a worldwide distribution network of radio, television, Internet and mobile platforms. It also will focus on the innovations, reforms and adaptations the BBG is making to meet its public diplomacy mission and contribute to U.S. national security.

ViewPoint will also follow trends and related developments in international broadcasting and journalism.

The IBB provides transmission, marketing, and program placement services for BBG broadcast organizations. It is also responsible for overseeing the Agency’s strategic planning, communications, financial operations, and legal support.