BBG Officials Meet With Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf

Three top BBG executives met this week with new media trailblazer Vint Cerf to discuss ways in which the BBG and Google can work more closely together.

BBG Board member Michael Meehan, International Broadcasting Bureau Director Dick Lobo and Radio Free Asia President Libby Liu met for an hour with Cerf, whose title at Google is Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist. Recent BBG-Google collaborations have included a Voice of America telephone survey in Somalia using open-source software to determine Somalis’ views of a draft constitution and the kind of government they want, and participation by the leaders of Google Ideas in the BBG’s Innovation Commission.

Among his numerous achievements and accolades, in 2005 Cerf was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, together with Robert E. Kahn, for their work in founding and developing the Internet.