Radio Martí Raises Awareness of Cholera in Cuba

The Martís were the first media source to inform the Cuban public about two deaths from cholera on the island. On July 3rd, the Cuban government confirmed three deaths, but provided no further update in the following days.

Radio Martí News first reported on the possibility of a cholera outbreak on Friday, June 30th, after receiving reports from the city of Manzanillo about a growing number of people suffering from cholera-like symptoms, including diarrhea and vomiting. Radio Martí contacted a state security officer, who called the growing concern a “false alarm.” The officer insisted on maintaining his anonymity.

Despite official denials, other journalists inside and outside of Cuba, including representatives of the independent agency Talk Press, confirmed the rash of illnesses. In the wake of the outbreak, Radio and TV Martí have added periodic public service announcements aimed to halt the spread of cholera.