Video: BBG, Gallup Discuss Data on Iran Media Use

Washington, D.C. — The Broadcasting Board of Governors recently held the inaugural event in the BBG Research Series, which is conducted in partnership with Gallup. Focusing on media use in Iran, the Gallup survey data showed two-thirds of Iranian households have access to computers and 39 percent of Iranians surf the Internet weekly. The findings focused on how Iranians use television, radio, and digital media.

The new data from Iran provide insights on how Iranians receive and share information as well as how trustworthy they consider their media sources to be. The findings reveal a technologically connected society with 100% of respondents having a working television in their household and 90% having a working mobile phone in their household. The spread of computer and Internet use is taking place across both genders, the data show, and overall Internet use has double in the past 2 years.