BBG Adds New Affiliates In Bosnia, Indonesia, Uganda

The BBG expands the reach of Voice of America with new television affiliates in Republika Srpska and Indonesia, plus a new FM affiliate in Uganda…

From the BBG Dealbook:

VOA Increases Reach in Bosnia

Hema TV, broadcasting to Bosnians in Republika Srpska, is the newest affiliate for the VOA Bosnian service. The station serves approximately a half million Bosnian Serbs in Republika Srpska – a market that has proven difficult to reach for the VOA due to a lack of viable partners.

VOA broadcasts began on Hema TV in mid-May.

VOA Indonesian Service Adds Metro

VOA Indonesia has an extensive network of more than 200 television and radio affiliates, resulting in a weekly audience of more than 38 million people for Voice of America. New to the VOA family of affiliates is Metro TV, based in West Jakarta. VOA will provide a slate of informational and cultural programming to Metro, which now has 53 transmission sites across the country.

VOA Expands in Key Ugandan Region

Starting July 1, 2012, Voice of America will be heard on Arua 1, broadcasting from Arua Town, Uganda on 88.7 FM.

Arua, located in northwest Uganda, borders both South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The area has become home to refugees from both South Sudan and DRC, and has become a significant trade center as a result.

Arua FM will reach as many as 1.6 million people for Voice of America.