BBG, VOA Media Event in Dar-Es-Salam, May 17-18

May 17 will feature a full-day training on Health issues and Tanzania and the role of the media in communicating health information, particularly the role of International Broadcasting. About 30 reporters and health experts are participating in this event.

The second event on May 18 is a Town Hall with 100 participants representing civil society, NGOs, Ministry of Health, international broadcasting entities such us RFI, DW and VOA. The focus will be on the role of media in communicating health issues, the current situation in Tanzania, and the use of new media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and SMS to inform audiences about critical health issues. Other topics will include the cost of producing and airing health programming.

The project is funded by PRB (Population reference Bureau) with original funding from USAID to them, and is part of the much larger Tanzania project funded directly from USAID to BBG under a current two-year Inter-Agency Agreement.