VOA Launches English Learning for Vietnamese

Voice of America is the new on-line destination for Vietnamese speakers who want to learn American English.

The Vietnamese edition of VOA’s popular goEnglish.me language learning program went online Tuesday, and it’s loaded with useful tools that make learning English fun, and easy.  The program is free.
​​What makes goEnglish.me so popular is that users can see and talk about situations from everyday American life, while learning things that would be useful for traveling or studying in the United States.

VOA Director David Ensor calls goEnglish.me a “great example of the digital learning tools that visitors can find on our websites.”

Vietnamese Service Senior Editor Judy Nguyen says people began using the site as soon as it went online.  “Our audience has always taken a strong interest in English learning and actively participates in our other learning programs on radio and the web, so this was a logical move for us,” Nguyen says.

GoEnglsh.me, which also has Chinese, Russian, Farsi, and Indonesian editions, is interactive and users can download lessons and information to use later or share with friends.

The site is aimed at Vietnamese speakers who have some knowledge of English, but are interested in learning how it is spoken in everyday American life.  It also includes forums, blogs and group pages to allow users to dig deeper into the language through conversation.
​​Students use a headset and microphone to converse with avatars in the goEnglish.me lessons.  Each lesson has phrases and sentences along with short exams. As users become more advanced, they hear more English and less of their own language.

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