Antena Live: A New TV Martí Program Brings News From Cuba for Cuba Along with World News

Miami — As part of its effort to grow audiences on the island of Cuba, TV Martí continues to launch innovative programming and cutting edge productions.  Debuting on a new set and with a new format, “Antena Live” combines aggressive coverage of Cuba with international topics of interest. The show also is available 24 hours a day on Martí

“Antena Live’s fresh format and new set mark a new era for TV Martí,” said Carlos García-Pérez Director of Radio and TV Martí. “The program builds on Martí’s high value news journalism, featuring one of the Martí’s most trusted and talented anchors, while focusing intensely on developments on the island.”

Karen Caballero, already popular with Radio Martí listeners, will anchor the program with Vanessa Ruiz, host of “Estado De SATS,” alongside an expert team of reporters and contributors. The 30-minute “Antena Live”   show airs Monday through Friday at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.

“Antena Live” will consist of news from Cuba and around the world and give people greater access to the information about the island that is otherwise filtered or blocked by the Cuban government

Radio and TV Martí broadcast news, information and analysis in a wide variety of interactive programming to Cuba seven days a week by television, satellite, shortwave and medium wave, as well as through flash drives and DVDs. The Martís reach over 480,000 Cubans through e-mail and text messages on a regular basis.

The Martís,based in Miami, are operated by the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, part of the independent U.S. government agency, the Broadcasting Board of Governors. 

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