TV Martí Obtains Video of Chaviano Arrest in Cuba

In a video obtained by TV Martí, Jorge Vazquez Chaviano, a Cuban dissident who is under house arrest, is taken into custody by Cuban authorities. Chaviano violates his house arrest by stepping outside and yelling “down with terrorism, down with the Castros, long live liberty and democracy.” During one week in January Chaviano was arrested 5 times.

According to the dissident community on the island, retaliation and repression have increased recently as the Cuban government has stepped up arrests and violence.

The Office of Cuba Broadcasting has encouraged Cuban dissidents and others to share videos and photographs that document the government’s efforts to stifle their voices.

Arrestan a opositor en Sagua

Activistas de la isla denuncian el alarmante incremento de la represión en cuba, como es el caso de Jorge Vázquez Chaviano arrestado en Sagua la Grande como lo muestra este video luego de protestar porque la policía le impedía salir de su casa para buscar alimentos a sus hijos.