Walter Isaacson Resigns As BBG Chair

Washington, D.C. – Walter Isaacson informed the White House on January 27 that he was resigning as Chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). The position is now vacant pending a nomination by the President and confirmation by the U.S. Senate.

In a note to his fellow BBG Governors, Isaacson said “I’m taking on another big writing project, so I won’t be able to give the BBG the time it needs and deserves.” Isaacson also commented on the Board’s accomplishments, “We developed over two years a strategic plan to streamline and consolidate the agency, and we adopted unanimously at our last meeting the two resolutions that would implement it.”

Isaacson expressed his ongoing commitment to the importance and mission of the Agency including its Internet freedom program.  He will continue to serve on the BBG’s recently launched Commission on Innovation, a group of visionary leaders in technology, design and the arts with proven success in digital media who are bringing ideas and insight to the BBG about connecting with unique overseas environments.

Isaacson became Chair of the BBG on July 2, 2010.