Al Youm Gets Added Value From its Interviews

It might be called newsmaker value added.

Al Youm, Alhurra’s evening news magazine, is pioneering an innovative set of techniques to squeeze greater value from the celebrities, politicians and other newsmakers who appear on their sets.

The goal is to take that visit and use it not only to build audience, but also to engage with viewers and develop collateral content that can then be used across platforms.

Take, for example, Al Youm’s recent interview with Egyptian actor Farouk El Fishawy. In addition to the traditional on-set  interview, the visit also included a pre-show Green Room interview, a post-show “5 More Questions” segment and photos of El Fishawy before and after the interview.

Another innovative approach that is aimed at giving the show a more engaging feel involves an audience member asking audience-generated questions of the guest. During this segment, several questions centered on El Fishawy’s views on the events in Cairo, which netted a scoop that he supports the Egyptian Alliances Party in the elections.

Next up:  the Egyptian actress Layla Alaweey.

You can see the work on Facebook here  or YouTube here.