BBG Governor Ashe in Kosovo

BBG Governor Victor Ashe met with RFE/RL and VOA journalists and others during a visit to Prishtina, Kosovo, on Friday, Nov 11th, 2011.

Governor Ashe met with RFE/RL and VOA teams, reporting in Albanian and Serbian language, and dscussed the challenges facing this new country, whose independence was declared on February 17th 2008.

During a session with RFE/RL and VOA journalists, Ashe discussed  the challenges of news gathering in Kosovo and the potential impact of U.S. international broadcasting in the region.

Above, Ashe and RFE/RL’s Kosovo unit head, Arbana Vidishiqi, holding the annual book of quotes of RFE/RL program in Albanian language, illustrating media coverage of the program’s original content within a year.

Ashe made the trip at his own expense.