Radio Marti Breaks the News of the Death of Laura Pollan

Radio Martí broke the news of Laura Pollan’s death to people in Cuba and provided extensive coverage of the worldwide reactions. Pollan, one of the best known political activists in Cuba, died at the age of 63 on October 14.

Laura Pollan was the founder of the dissident group “Ladies in White” and one of Cuba’s leading dissidents promoting political change. She founded “Ladies in White” after her husband was jailed in a 2003 crackdown on dissidents. She was hospitalized on October 7 because of a pulmonary illness.

Radio Martí, TV Martí, and had been following Pollan’s deteriorating health since her hospitalization. Immediately after her death, Radio Martí interviewed dozens of dissidents from inside Cuba, including Pollan’shusband Hector Maceda and several members “Ladies in White”. Radio Martí used Twitter to provide the latest information for global audiences and sent SMS Text Messages to over twenty-thousand cellular phone users in Cuba. It also provided extensive coverage of worldwide reactions to Pollan’s death, including President Obama’s comments.

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