RFA Breaks News of Tibetan Protest

Radio Free Asia’s Tibetan service broke the news on October 17 about a Tibetan nun setting herself ablaze and dying in protest of China’s rule. Many believe this is the first time a Tibetan female has self-immolated since the Chinese took over Tibet in the 1950s. The incident led to world-wide protests among exiled Tibetans.

Radio Free Asia’s Chakmo Tso, Guru Choegyi, and Rigdhen Dolma broke the story by interviewing a witness in Aba County, Sichuan Province in China. Other media, including BBC, UPI, South African Times and RTT news, picked up RFA’s story.

Eight Tibetan monks have self-immolated this year, mostly in Aba County, Sichuan province. Four of them have died, saying they wanted to sacrifice their lives to protest against Chinese rule and alleged human rights abuses by Chinese security forces.