BBG Hosts Pop!Tech Satellite Event

BBG hosted Pop!Tech’s only satellite event on October 21 and brought presentations by innovators from different disciplines to its headquarters in Washington, D.C. The event live-streamed VOA’s popular satire show Parazit’s appearance from the Pop!Tech 2011 conference in Maine and featured presentations from iStrategyLabs, Heritage Foundation, RFA, RFE, MBN, OCB and VOA.

Pop!Tech is a global innovation network that brings people together to explore the social impact of new technologies and new approaches to solving the world’s significant challenges. BBG’s partnership with Pop!Tech is part of its effort to foster dialogues on new tools, platforms and programs to help the agency advance its mission to “inform, engage and connect” with its worldwide audiences.

 “In the global information space, we’re navigating quickly changing rivers and currents in which information and ideas flow through networks not hierarchies, and ordinary citizens are telling their own stories independently of traditional channels. This creates exciting opportunities for innovative partnerships to grow our outreach in new, more personal ways,” said Susan McCue, co-chair of the BBG’s Communications and Outreach Committee. “Innovation is not just about new content or products; it’s about creating altogether new ways of doing business to accomplish our mission; more than anything, it’s about reimagining.”

CEO of iStrategy Lab Peter Corbett electrified the audience by sharing his experience of community building and collaboration using new technologies. VOA Director David Ensor and several members of the BBG’s Commission on Innovation participated in the event in Maine or in the D.C. location, including Jan Chipchase, Executive for Global Insights at Frog Design, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University, and Rob Bluey at the Heritage Foundation.

The full program agenda can be found at: Videos of the presentations will be posted in the coming weeks.