Radio Sawa Launches FM Broadcasts in Benghazi

Today residents of the Libyan city of Benghazi heard for the first time Radio Sawa on their FM dials. Radio Sawa began broadcasting on 88.1 FM with its signature mixture of more than six hours of daily news combined with popular Arabic and Western music.  

“Radio Sawa is a valuable media player, particularly during this fluid time in Libya, reporting on issues of importance to the Libyan people,” said Brian Conniff, President of MBN. “Benghazi residents now have convenient access to Radio Sawa’s exceptional coverage of the clashes in Libya, as well as analysis from experts in Libya, the region and the U.S.” 

Correspondents for Radio Sawa and Alhurra Television reported on the wave of uprisings in Libya by traveling from the rebel stronghold in Benghazi to Tripoli.  Their in-depth on-air and online reporting tackles the news from the front lines as well as the challenges facing Libya during the transition to a new government.

Reports also covered the recent U.S. Senate delegation visit to Libya, interviews with the U.S. officials, and a profile of Libyan blogger Ghaida Touati, who was jailed and tortured by the Gadhafi regime for three months as a result of her online writings critical of the government.  

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