Martís Host Digital Media Dialogue

The Martís hosted an unprecedented live discussion on digital media’s role in shaping changes in Cuba.

Cuban and American bloggers, writers and academics joined the program entitled “Cuba Forward: The Social Media and Cuba’s Future” via telephone, internet and Skype from Cuba, Miami, New York and Spain. The panelists included influential Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez and author Antonio Jose Ponte.

“For the first time in history, the most prominent Cuban bloggers came together in an open forum to exchange ideas and concepts with other bloggers, writers, journalists and students from outside the island,” said Carlos Garcia-Perez, Director of Radio/TV Martí. “The conversation about the future of Cuba now includes new, younger voices that are looking to the Internet and social media to advance the changes that are underway.”

Yoani Sanchez Tweeted within hours of the program noting the feedback she received and said, “A lot of people called me from different provinces after today’s show. (It is) incredible how many Cubans listen to the forbidden radio.”

The special program was broadcast on TV, radio and Internet on September 22.