Alhurra TV Nearly Doubles its Audience in Egypt

Alhurra’s weekly audience in Egypt jumped to nearly 8 million viewers according to the international research firm ACNielsen. The network’s viewership in Egypt rose from 3.9 million (7.5 percent) in 2010 to 7.7 million (14.7 percent) in 2011. Ninety-three percent of network’s audience said they found the news to be credible.

“Alhurra’s viewers responded when we gave them what they wanted: increased local on the scene reporting and human interest stories that resonate with the Egyptian viewer,” stated MBN President Brian Conniff. “The increase in Alhurra’s audience is even more impressive when you consider the competitive media environment in Egypt and the number of channels that have launched since the revolution.”

The audience growth follows Alhurra’s extensive coverage of the Egyptian revolution and the Arab Spring. When asked what television sources viewers followed during the Egyptian revolution, 21.9 percent named Alhurra as one of the stations they used. In January and February, Alhurra’s team of journalists in Cairo and Alexandria provided 18 days of live continuous coverage and broke the news of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation.

Local media increasingly cite and recognize Alhurra for its news. One example is pan-Arab newspaper Alquds Alarabi that wrote, “(Alhurra’s) Akram Khuzam, in particular, shined during the coverage of Egypt’s events for Alhurra. He was professional, warm and moving.” At the same time another regional newspaper, Alhayat, wrote that Alhurra distinguished itself during the Egyptian protests with its up-to-the-minute reporting and live continuous coverage.

Alhurra’s daily flagship magazine program Al Youm originates from Cairo, along with Dubai, Beirut and Jerusalem. The network also broadcasts Hiwar Cairo a weekly show dedicated to the latest in Egypt’s political and social developments. Alhurra’s daily newscasts and talk shows also cover Egyptian news and life extensively.

The survey was conducted among Egyptian adults, age 15+ in June and July of 2011.