Senior White House Adviser Discusses 9/11 and Outreach to Arab-American Communities on Alhurra

Senior White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett joined Alhurra’s “Inside Washington” for a discussion on the Sept. 11th attacks and the importance of outreach to engage communities across the nation.

On the Sept. 11th attacks, Ms. Jarrett stated, “It has been 10 years and our country has come a long way over the last 10 years, but it is important that we remember those who sacrificed their lives on that day. And as we know, it was a diverse group of people from all over the world, all ethnicities, all religions, all faiths that perished on that day. And so the message first and foremost will be in honoring them, a tribute to them.”

Ms. Jarrett addressed the threat of terrorism and said that keeping America safe is the first priority of the President. She discussed the White House’s outreach efforts to engage U.S. citizens, especially the Arab and Muslim communities, on a wide range of issues. She also noted that the President’s philosophy is to listen closely to all Americans on the issues they care about, such as housing or the financial crisis.

Valerie Jarrett’s interview is part of Alhurra’s more than 50 hours of programming dedicated to the commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks. To watch the interview, please click here.