Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) Addresses the Next Steps for Libya

In an interview from Minneapolis, Minn., Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) called on the Libyan people to follow the law and to continue to discourage revenge killings in an interview with Alhurra Television.

“We’ve seen the Transitional National Council say that they discourage revenge killing, they discourage abuse of even pro-Gadhafi forces who are captured. And we want to make these people sanctioned by law, not by just street violence or anything like that. They’ve sent out the right signals. I think they need to continue to do that. And I just want to assure the TNC, and the Libyan people generally, that if they proceed according to law, if they recognize human rights of all, even pro-Gadhafi individuals, this will win them tremendous moral respect around the world. But if it looks like things evolve into revenge killing and settling scores; that will cause the love and affection and support to dissipate and go away. So I do hope the TNC leaders continue to urge the proper respect for law and doing thing according to proper procedures.”

When asked about the unfreezing of Libyan assets, Ellison stated, “The United States has recognized the Transitional National Council and therefore, I think, that we need to move with all deliberate speed to unfreeze those assets because the people in Libya have all types of financial pressures upon them. Not the least of which is finally securing the country, which there are still parts that are not secure, but there are all kinds of issues in regard to food, water, education, there is just a range of things. And I think we need to move forward quickly, this is something that I am advocating with my government and trying to organize other members of the Congress to continue to urge the Administration to do. But the Administration is very pleased and very optimistic about the future of Libya so I don’t see it is a problem…but it certainly has not happened yet. So we have to continue to advocate for it to happen quickly.”