Radio and TV Martí Grow Twitter Following in Cuba

Despite Cuban government restrictions, Radio and TV Martí have noticed a sharp increase in the number of tweets from Cuba, as well as an increase in the number of people following Marti’s Twitter feed.

Between March and July of this year, Martí’s Twitter followers jumped from about 500 to over 1600.

“The Martís are always looking for ways to reach out and communicate with our audience in Cuba and Twitter is a simple but powerful tool that can help us increase that dialogue,” said Carlos Garcia-Perez, Director of Radio and TV Marti.


The Martís are now using Twitter as a resource for tips and information, as a programming promotional tool, and as a means to share news with the audience.

Radio Martí journalist Oscar del Rio says “the results have been immediately evident.  We just had a guest on the morning show Cubans in the World, and we instantly received a tweet from someone interested in hearing our guest’s story.”