Sen. Lieberman Discusses the Situation in Syria on Alhurra

Alhurra’s Congressional Correspondent Rana Abtar interviewed Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) regarding the unfolding events in Syria and the prospects of any U.S. military involvement in that country. 

When asked about Obama administration policy toward Syria, Sen. Lieberman stated, “the Obama administration continues to pick up the intensity of its policy towards Syria.  I believe respectfully that it has been a little bit slow. But I know even now they are considering imposing more sanctions on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp because of its involvement in brutal repressive murderous acts in Syria.  It is time for us to make clear at every level that it is time for Bashar Assad to go and for the Syrian people to have a new dawn and opportunity for a better life.  I don’t think that the people, who have been protesting, demonstrating and putting their lives on the line in Syria for their own freedom, are going to give up until they win. We and the rest of the world ought to be supporting in every way we can.” 

Sen. Lieberman also noted on the prospects of any military involvement in Syria, “I know in the current climate it is hard to imagine U.S. troops, for instance, being involved.  But I’d like President Assad in Damascus to not think that there is no chance that NATO and the U.S. would be involved.  For instance, so far he’s begun to use planes to strike his people.  That is what originally brought us into Libya, to stop the humanitarian disaster.  And of course there is a humanitarian disaster going on now in Syria.”

Sen. Lieberman concluded his remarks on Syria by saying that he supports recalling the American ambassador from Syria.

The interview with Sen. Lieberman aired as part of Alhurra’s continuing coverage of the events unfolding in Syria.


Chams Eddin
Communications Specialist
Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.
Alhurra Television and Radio Sawa