Alhurra Interviews Sen. Richard Lugar on Libya and Syria

Alhurra’s Congressional Correspondent Rana Abtar interviewed Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) on the events taking place in Libya and Syria. In regards to Libya, Sen. Lugar said that there needs to be an explanation from President Obama as to the constitutional basis of the U.S. taking military action in Libya. However, he said he is waiting for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing later this month on this topic, and then the Senators will be better able to draw informed conclusions.

When asked about Syria, Sen. Lugar said that he would never make judgments about affairs in other countries; that is for the people in those countries to decide. He went on to say that he regrets that people are being shot and killed, but in civil wars that happens. He said that he is hopeful the civil war in Syria will be over soon and that there will be progress observed by both sides