McCain to Alhurra: Bashar Assad has to Leave

Alhurra’s Rabeh Filalli conducted an interview with Senator John McCain of Arizona during a Memorial Day event at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington D.C. McCain discussed the political situation in Libya and the pro-democracy revolt in Syria.

McCain commented on the crisis in Libya, “I think we can do more and we should do more. I believe that it would be very important for us to recognize the Transitional National Council of Libya, because they are the only legitimate voice of the Libyan people. We should engage our air assets in a much more vigorous fashion than we are. And we should unfreeze the assets of Gaddafi that are rightfully the Libyan people’s, among other things.”

On Syria, McCain urged moral support for protesters, “we need to give them moral support. We don’t tell Bashar Assad that he has a choice. He gets one choice and that is to leave, and leave immediately and let the Syrian people have the freedom they deserve. “