Alhurra’s Coverage Making an Impact

As democratic movements continue to sweep across the Middle East, Alhurra has been making an impact with its audiences, providing accurate and objective news of events as they unfold. As part of On the Media’s recent profile of Egyptian media, Egyptians interviewed on the street cited Alhurra appreciatively for its accurate coverage of the protests. A recent flash telephone survey conducted during the Egyptian demonstrations showed that over 25% of the adult population was watching Alhurra to stay abreast of the protests in Tahrir Square.

Watch the video below for a sample of Alhurra’s recent coverage of the Arab Spring.

Alhurra’s coverage of the crises combines insightful analyses from both U.S. and Arabic officials and commentators. With its dedicated coverage of the White House, U.S. Congress, and State Department, Alhurra holds a unique position in the marketplace, and can offer viewers the American perspective on events.