Radio Marti Focuses on Cuba’s Blogging Community

This Tuesday, “Las Noticias Como Son,” Radio Marti’s daily news magazine, discussed the tactics used by the Cuban government to discredit the voices of Cuba’s blogging community. The show focused on a recent episode of the official government television series “Cuba Reasons,” which attempted to portray Cuba’s independent bloggers as U.S.-funded “cyber mercenaries” who use their blogs to discredit Raul Castro’s regime.

“Cuba Reasons” paid particular attention to Yoani Sánchez, whose blog “Generación Y” has won various international awards, including the prestigious Ortega y Gasset journalism prize of the Spanish daily “El Pais.”

Sánchez and fellow independent bloggers Reinaldo Escobar (“Desde Aquí”) and Dagoberto Valdes (“Convivencia”) joined “Las Noticias” anchors Amado Gil and José Luis Ramos to discuss the allegations. In addition, Ted Henken, chair of Baruch College’s Department of Black and Hispanic Studies and an expert on Cuba’s blogosphere, joined the panel from New York City. Audio clips from the “Cuba Reasons” episode were interspersed throughout the conversation.

“The offensive approach that has been launched by the Cuban government against the bloggers, especially against Yoani Sanchez, shows the Governments fear of having a free flow of information. Havana is trying avoid a situation similar to that of Egypt,” said “Las Noticias” co-host Amado Gil.

Professor Henken stated that the programs aired by the government indicate its concern about how the Internet has become a vehicle for Cubans to express alternative views of life in Cuba. He added that the program offered no evidence to support the regime’s claim that Cuba’s independent bloggers are working for the United States.

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