Radio Sawa Interviews Sen. McCain about the Turmoil in the Middle East

Radio Sawa interviewed Senator John McCain (R-AZ) on the turmoil in the Middle East and the future of region following his 12-day trip across the Middle East and North Africa.

Sen. McCain said the first thing that needs to be done in Libya is to announce a no-fly zone “even if we don’t have all the assets to enforce it completely.”

He added that the United States should provide aid and assistance to a provisional government such as the one in Benghazi, and help woth humanitarian assistance, possibly supplying them with defensive weaponry if they are threatened.

The U.S. should examine all options to stop the massacres taking place, he maintained.

“It is clear that Gaddafi is killing innocent civilians and it’s up to us, with or without the UN Security Council, to try to bring this to a stop and assist the Libyan people’s desire for freedom,” he said.

The Senator was referring to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement that the U.S. should not take any option off the table.

On the future of Tunisia after the revolution, Sen. McCain said the Tunisian people are perfectly prepared to move on a path to democracy, and the American government should assist them when they need assistance.

On the situation in Egypt, he expressed his optimism that Egyptians can come through this situation successfully, adding that they have every opportunity for a free, transparent and democratic society, but there are enormous difficulties.

Lastly, Sen. McCain expressed his concern about the situation in Yemen, saying that President Salih should resign.