Libya Violence Spreads

The situation in Libya remains dire as new waves of violence break out across the country. The political and security environment remains fluid as more and more ministers and diplomats resign from the ruling regime. Media access remains restricted for areas of the country still under control of the government. Foreign media is now entering areas controlled by insurgents. Alhurra correspondents reported live from Libya’s borders with Egypt and Tunisia.

Alhurra had 19 hours of live continuous coverage daily following the events in Libya

Alhurra’s solicited feedback from viewers in Libya asking them to call and report what they are witnessing.  The network receives hundreds of calls daily. Al Youm is also encouraging viewers to send video or still photographs from Libya to Al Youm’s Facebook pagess

Al Youm had several high profile interviews including:

  • Alec Ross, Director of the State Department’s Office of Citizens’ Outreach, who talked about the role of online media in the revolutions across the Middle East, saying they are giving people tools so that they can better express themselves and organize themselves.
  • Mustapha Ben Haleem, Former Libyan Prime Minsiter who analyzed Qaddafi’s latest speech and the role of Qaddafi’s sons in the regime

Alhurra interviewed Libyan-Americans on their reaction to events in Libya including their support for changes that bring democracy and their possible return to Libya if there is a real change. Alhurra also reported from the Tunisian/Libyan border on the hardships and violence against people trying to leave Libya; as well as what the Red Cross is doing to support those who cross over to Tunisia.