Martís Redesigned Website:,

Radio and TV Martí has debuted its redesigned website,, with an improved text-only platform that provides mobile-friendly access to the Martís’ extensive news and information content. The text-only version of will also decrease page-load time for Cuba’s Internet audience, which has limited access to broadband connections.

“Our goal is to make Radio and TV Martí’s objective news and information as accessible as possible to the nascent online audience in Cuba,” said Carlos García-Pérez, director of Radio and TV Martí. “We took a great leap forward, and continuous updates to the website will keep our audience informed.”

According to Reporters without Borders, less than two percent of Cuba’s population is online. Nevertheless, uptake of mobile phones is growing faster in Cuba than anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere, and analysts forecast a doubling of subscriptions from 2010 to 2015. Moreover, a new fiber-optic telecomm cable will come online this summer, linking Cuba to the outside world and dramatically increasing connection speeds.

The redesigned MartiNoticias website also offers expanded access to Radio and TV Martí’s rich multimedia content in anticipation of the evolving market on the Island.