Capital Briefing: The Digital Revolution and Public Diplomacy

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9:00       Welcome: BBG Governor Susan McCue

9:10- 10:10        DISCUSSION

Public Diplomacy and International Broadcasting in The New Media Era

The role New Media is playing in Tunisia, Egypt, and elsewhere is up for debate. What’s certain, however, is that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media tools have changed the way people communicate. Today’s global media environment is a revolution in progress. How is the U.S. taking advantage of the potential unleashed by the digital revolution and what else must it do? Join a discussion with experts and practitioners led by Walter Isaacson, BBG Chairman and former president of CNN.

Moderator: BBG Chairman Walter Isaacson


Golnaz Esfandiari, Editor, RFE Persian Letters blog

Rebecca MacKinnon, Bernard L. Schwartz Fellow, New America Foundation

Rebecca McMenamin. New Media Director, International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB)

Mohamed Al-Yahyai, Host, “Eye on Democracy”, Alhurra Television

Presentation of VOA-Citizen Global Project

10:10        Introduction: BBG Governor Michael Meehan

10:15 – 10:35        BRIEFING

Censorship, Signal Blocking, and Cyberjamming — Can the US Keep Up?

Behind the scenes, there is an information war being waged between closed and free societies. Autocrats are jamming the airwaves and blocking the Internet to prevent their people from accessing outside information. A senior U.S. official charged with overcoming these obstacles explains what the U.S. is doing about it.

–Ken Berman, Director, International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) Anti-Censorship Program



10:45        Introduction: Libby Liu, President, Radio Free Asia

Comments by Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE-1)

10:55 – 11:55        DISCUSSION

North Korea, Iran and Cuba: Bringing Accurate Information to Closed Societies

What do citizens inside Iran, North Korea, and Cuba know about their governments and the outside world? This group of experts and international broadcasters (including Kambiz Hosseini, Jon Stewart’s recent guest on “The Daily Show”) discuss what the U.S. is doing today to get accurate news and information inside these “information bubbles.”

Moderator: Jeffrey Gedmin, President, RFE


Christopher Walker, Director of Studies, Freedom House

Carlos A. García-Pérez, Director, Office of Cuba Broadcasting

Kambiz Hosseini, Host, “Parazit”, VOA Persian News Network

Andrei Lankov, Professor, Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea

11:55        Conclusion: BBG Governor Dennis Mulhaupt