Rep. Berman Discusses the Future of Egypt on Alhurra

Alhurra’s Congressional Correspondent Rana Abtar interviewed Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA) regarding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and U.S. aid to Egypt.

When asked about his concerns regarding the Muslim Brotherhood’s possible role in the future of Egypt Rep. Berman stated, “We also know of a revolution that turned into an Islamic theocracy in Iran and we watched what happened with Hamas. Where one authoritarian regime was replaced by another authoritarian regime, which denied rights to women, which promoted extremist policies domestically, which continue to oppress its people and this is not the kind of history we want to see being made today. “

Rep. Berman also noted that he does not support cutting off assistance to Egypt, “so long as the military continues to play a positive role in promoting an orderly transition. Bringing in leaders of the secular opposition to participate in the decisions, moving towards fundamental constitutional changes, ending the emergency law and leading up to a sensible, fair and free election.”

The interview with Rep. Berman aired as part of Alhurra continuing coverage of the events in Egypt.