Governor Perino Gives Interview to Popular Russian Service Show

Former White House press secretary and current BBG Governor Dana Perino was recently interviewed by the Voice of America’s Russian Service.

The interview was for the program Women Today, which tells success stories of extraordinary women in America to educate and inspire audiences in Russia, the former Soviet Union and beyond.

The interview was wide-ranging and touched on Perino’s personal observations about serving as spokesperson for President George Bush, balancing work and family, her experience working in Africa, and the advice she shares with young professional women through her Minute Mentoring program.

“It is important to turn off the television and read if you want to succeed,” she said. “You need to be reading a variety of things – fiction, periodicals and things that you don’t agree with necessarily.”

Regarding her time in the White House, Perino said she was motivated not by the title of her job but by the leadership of former president Bush.

“He inspired me to be a better person and helped me realize the dream of a public service,” she said.

Women Today, which is delivered online, is quickly becoming a popular show for the Russian Service, not only because of successful women highlighted on the program, but also because it gives the audience the opportunity to share their own stories, comment and give feedback.