Broadcasting Board of Governors

Barry Zorthian, a veteran U.S. diplomat, media advisor during the Vietnam War, Time Inc. executive, and former Voice of America (VOA) Program Manager, died on December 30 at the age of 90.  The Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees all U.S. international broadcasting including VOA, issued the following statement.

Barry Zorthian was one of the giants of United States international broadcasting.  He understood early in the Cold War how vital broadcasting was to the successful practice of American foreign policy, and he championed the role of “The Radios” strongly and consistently. 

The Board was fortunate to have had a chance to hear Barry’s views on where broadcasting should be headed and why — and not a little on how to get there — just a few months ago. He was passionate that the BBG must put broadcasting on a new footing with a revitalized mission, and he insisted that we hook it once more securely to the timeless principles of American foreign policy.

The Board extends condolences to the Zorthian family and shares in their loss.