PNN’s Parazit Featured in Washington Post

The Persian News Network’s increasingly popular Parazit show was the focus of a Washington Post feature article published Dec. 31.

While it’s impossible to measure how many people watch Parazit, which has been likened to The Daily Show because of its satirical take on the news,  the show’s Facebook page has over 200,000 fans. 

The show depends heavily on regular Iranians to supply it with topics. For example, the Post writes, “viewers who urged them to cover a story in which the Iranian government promised to give a free apartment to any athlete who brought home a gold medal from the Asian Games in November. But when a woman won the gold for wushu, a Chinese martial art, they reneged, saying she had to be married to get the apartment.”

“We have 70 million correspondents,” Saman Arbabi, one of Parazit’s co-hosts, told the Post referring to Iran’s population. “They show us what the priorities are in Iran.”

Read the entire Post article here.