RFE, Afghan Air Force Deliver Thousands Of Radios To Remote Afghan Villages, Refugee Camps

On the eve of parliamentary elections in Afghanistan, RFE’s Radio Azadi — with the help of the Afghan Air Force and U.S. military — has launched a new initiative to help Afghans participate in the democratic process by having access to reliable news and information.

At a refugee camp outside Kabul yesterday, Radio Azadi staff began handing out the first of 20,000 solar-powered, hand-cranked radios to Afghans who live in remote places or lack the means to access news and information. (continue reading)


Tajik Service: The attack by Islamic militants on a military convoy that claimed 25 lives.

Radio Farda: The speeches by Iranian President Ahmadinejad and President Obama at the United Nations.  President Obama’s speech was broadcast live with simultaneous Persian translation.

Russian Service: The ouster of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov following a public spat with President Dmitri Medvedev.

Iraqi Service: The rising number of marriages between Sunni and Shiite Iraqis, after a severe dip during the years of post-Saddam sectarian violence.

North Caucasus Service: Exclusive interview with Ahmed Zakaev, Prime Minister of the Chechen Separatist Government in Exile, conducted before the opening day of the Chechen Congress.

Tatar-Bashkir Service: The controversy surrounding the construction of a new mosque in Moscow.  

Azerbaijani Service: The peculiar flag-hoisting ceremony to open “National Flag Square” in Baku, where authorities unveiled a flag that they claimed was the largest in the world.  It was damaged by the wind the very next day.

Balkan Service: The rising tensions in Sandzak, a Muslim-populated region of Serbia that has two Islamic communities, one influenced by Belgrade and the other influenced by Sarajevo.

Kyrgyz Service: The Prosecutor General told the Service in an exclusive interview that his office had launched a criminal investigation of vote fraud during the 2007 general election and the 2009 presidential election in Kyrgyzstan.

Turkmen Service: President Berdymukhammedov’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

Radio Mashaal: Expanded to nine hours of daily programming and added three new live shows. (read more)