Broadcasting Board of Governors Statement on Service of Edward Kaufman

Washington, DC, November 24, 2008 – Edward Kaufman joined the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) at its creation in 1995, bringing with him a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for public service and for the foreign policy mission of the agency.

Mr. Kaufman has been a dedicated guardian of the journalistic independence of our broadcasters and a passionate advocate of the Agency’s mission. He helped lead the BBG to become an independent federal agency in 1999, and set a standard for the bipartisan work of the Board.

Mr. Kaufman was instrumental in initiating an integrated research program to inform programming and transmission decisions. He worked tirelessly to stop censorship of U.S. international broadcasting, most notably of the Voice of America and Radio Free Asia in China. He advocated for emergency surges in broadcast hours to areas of the world – such as Burma and Kenya – when crises erupted. In 1999, during the conflict with Serbia over Kosovo, he helped establish the transmission “ring around Serbia” that ensured the integrated international broadcasts of accurate news and information in the Serbian language. Mr. Kaufman was instrumental in the launch of Radio Free Asia in 1996 and the move of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (Radio and Television Marti) from Washington to Miami, Florida in 1997.

Mr. Kaufman understands the impact of international broadcasting and has always been quick to credit the brave reporters in the field and dedicated employees behind the scenes who are essential in providing reliable news and information to audiences suffering censorship and lack of press freedom.

The Board sincerely wishes to thank Ted for his thirteen years of dedicated service to U.S. international broadcasting, and to wish him well as he takes up his new duties representing the state of Delaware in the U.S. Senate. The people of Delaware are fortunate to have a man of such distinction as their Senator.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors is an independent federal agency, supervising all U.S. government-supported, non-military international broadcasting, whose mission is to promote freedom and democracy and to enhance understanding through multi-media communication of accurate, objective, and balanced news, information, and other programming about America and the world to audiences overseas. BBG broadcasting organizations include the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa), Radio Free Asia, and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (Radio and TV Martí). BBG broadcasts reach over 175 million people worldwide on a weekly basis.

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