BBG Chair Interviewed on Alhurra

BBG Chairman Walter Isaacson appeared on Alhurra television on Tuesday, Sept. 8th in an interview following Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s annual Ramadan Iftar dinner, which was held at the State Department.

When asked about his views on secretary’s speech regarding the pastor that wanted to burn Qurans on Sept. 11,
Isaacson said, “I think it is great that the secretary of state said how
disgraceful it was, that she spoke very clearly.

“There are people all over the world and certainly all over the United
States that are trying to get publicity by doing outrageous things. And
I am glad the Secretary of State called it for what it was. She spoke
for all Americans.”

Isaacson also remarked that it was good to see so many young
entrepreneurs from the Muslim world and Muslim Americans represented at
the dinner.