Alhurra Viewers Give Their Thoughts on the Humanitarian Crisis Facing Darfurian Refugees

Alhurra, the Arabic-language television network, invited viewers to participate in a live discussion regarding the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. On Friday, March 12th Alhurra rebroadcast its critically acclaimed documentary Konoungo: The Darfurian Exile followed by a live discussion of the documentary and the humanitarian crisis facing Darfurian refugees. Konoungo: The Darfurian Exile was one of the first in-depth examinations of the challenges facing Darfurian refugees by an Arabic-language television network. Alhurra encouraged viewers to email their comments and questions, or post them at to be used in the discussion. A panel of students, journalists and human rights activists responded to the feedback from viewers.

Viewers from throughout the Middle East shared their thoughts and much of the discussion focused on the lack of attention from the Arab media and governments. All quotes are translated from Arabic.

Saif Abdullah asked,