Alhurra’s Al Youm Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

Alhurra, the Arabic-language television network, celebrates the one-year anniversary of its flagship program Al Youm (Arabic for Today) on Monday, March 8, 2010. Al Youm, which has been heralded for broadcasting simultaneously from five countries in three continents, brings together all areas of the Middle East (the Gulf, North Africa and the Levant) and the U.S. This allows viewers to see how issues not only affect the people in their country, but those who live in the countries around them. During the week of its anniversary, Al Youm will examine the impact of terrorism in the Middle East and the U.S., including an examination of whether or not Yemen has become the new staging ground for Al Qaeda and the use social networking sites for terrorist recruitment efforts. Other themes on Al Youm have included the global economic crisis, the impact of the Internet, child labor laws and cultural diversity and development.

In its first year on the air, Al Youm anchor Engy Anwar became one of the first women to broadcast live from the Hajj. The program also made its mark following President Barack Obama